Car refrigerator purchase tips

1.To examine the quality of a car refrigerator depends on its refrigeration and insulation effects. Nowadays, there are more and more subdivided products in the car refrigerator, and there is a thermostatic car refrigerator specially for storing medicines or high-grade cosmetics. The outer casing is designed with an internal space temperature display. Like a pharmaceutical reagent, it must be stored in an environment of 12 degrees Celsius. After adjusting to this temperature, the display indicates 12 ° C, but the inferior refrigerator is hateful when the actual internal temperature is higher or lower than 12 At °C, the temperature value is displayed on the outside.

2.Measure the quality of the refrigerator. It can be easily judged from a detail. The consumer only needs to open the refrigerator cover and try the feel of the sealing strip. If it lacks toughness and strictness, just close the lid and look at it from the outside. The flaws will not be good. It’s well understood, a car refrigerator that might climb into the raft, where else can it be better?

Post time: Oct-25-2019